Friday, May 10, 2013

Centers: Meter Race

 At this station, students play against each other in a race to complete 4 measures of rhythm. Players alternate rolling the music dice, and add the rhythm on the dice to a measure on their own paper. They can only add the rhythm in a place where it will fit (ie. if they roll a half note, but only have one beat left in measure one, they can put it in measure two). If they roll a rhythm that they can't use (ie. if they roll a dotted half note but don't have a measure that has three free beats left) they lose that turn.

I put the music dice into little clear containers from the dollar store to keep the dice from getting lost in the room - students are to keep the die in the containers and simply shake them to roll.

Click on the links below to download materials:
Meter Race Poster
Meter Race Worksheet

To download the Smartboard file that can be used as a demonstration for this center, click here.


  1. Where can I buy music dice? I'd like to try this center.

  2. Replies
    1. I got them from Themes & Variations (Denise Gagne)!

  3. I just finished a "Musical Yahtzee" game which needed dice like these, and made them all! $2 from Lowe's gets you a square dowel 36" long and then I just cut it up and drew the notes! (I got a lot more dice out of it!) i LOVE your idea for the clear container so they don't get lost!

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      How did you cut your dowel rod?

  4. Michael's and Hobby Lobby also sell square wooden cubes that you can draw on and do not have to cut the dowel. Just anothe r option. Thanks for these ideas! Great!!